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Tinder dating site is a free mobile dating app, Tinder app is THE new way to flirt or make new friends through mobile.Completely free, the smartphone application puts you in contact with people who are close to the place where you are. Tinder App Tinder is the dating site for smartphone that makes a lot of noise in France since the end of 2013 was believed that everything was seen again and again in the world of online dating sites but no, and Tinder is the proof! The success of Tinder app is its simplicity of use.If you also take pleasure to the person you have “liked” in there “game” and you can start talking. well because it’s back to basics of the dredge with the modern tools of today!

And above all, let us say, Tinder app flatters the ego! The recipe is very simple but no one had thought of it before Tinder. One day in the blues: hop a ride on Tinder and you’re re-energized (e) for the day! advantages: This is a mobile application for girls and boys who want to seduce someone in their region.

If a girl you like, you slide your finger to the right. If you have a match (that is to say that you also take pleasure to the girl you like), then you can chat with her.

Do not worry, nothing will be published to your Facebook profile (yes I know, I too was scared but you have nothing to fear).

Watch in hand, you only need 5 minutes to download the application on your mobile and receive your first contact within a radius of 100km maximum (you can set yourself a distance).

If this is going too fast is that Tinder connects via Facebook which allows him to instantly your photo, age, sexual orientation and especially your location, thanks to its system of geolocation identifier.


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