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The ideal muffler will deliver just the right growl, roar, or rumble to back up your vehicle’s performance and appearance.In general, fewer chambers mean less backpressure and noise reduction.More chambers will typically result in quieter performance but more backpressure.

This design creates minimal backpressure and just enough sound reduction to meet track regulations.

Straight-through mufflers, like this Hushpower II Muffler, are popular with street rodders and custom car builders because of their compact design.

Make sure to check local sound laws before picking a straight-through muffler for your hot rod. Depending on the muffler, the sound of high performance can be anything from a low, throaty growl to an ear-splitting roar—and everything in between.

Chambered mufflers provide decent noise reduction for the street while creating that classic musclecar growl.

Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers uses a two-chamber design to deliver a deep, rich tone without creating too much backpressure.