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Together with the synagogue, the community also maintained a religious school.After 1938 the prayer room of the Jewish orphanage (consecrated in 1863) was used as the cultural center for the continuously declining community.They played a leading role in the federation of Jewish communities in the bishopric.

In 1932 there were still 310 Jews in Paderborn, but in 1939 only 123 remained, the greater part of whom were later deported.

In July 1942 the staff and children of the orphanage (founded 1856) were also deported.

Nevertheless, an organized Jewish community came into being in the city only in 1590. In 1640 seven Jewish families were permitted to live in Paderborn; by 1652 the number had increased to 14 families.

In a dispute between Bishop Herman von Spiegel in 1378 and the city of Paderborn, the bishop referred to "his Jews" who were under his protection.

From the summer of 1939 until March 1943 the town contained a so-called "Jewish Retraining Center" for some 100 people who were forcibly employed by the Nazi authorities in Paderborn.