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The section of interest contains samples with increased O-18 concentration in foraminiferal shells, which according to Emiliani et al "may represent an excess of evaporation in the Gulf of Mexico".

The upper part of the section revealed "a temporary, drastic decrease in the abundance of Globorotalia Inflata.

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In their investigation of core samples from the Gulf of Mexico, Emiliani et al.(Science 1975,183-88) discovered a section nearly two meters in thickness that yielded radiocarbon ages of about 25,000 years B. The section is overlain by 3.5 metres of sediment deposited in the subsequent period until the present.

The core under study "has failed to reveal any evidence of sedimentary disturbance, including turbidite deposition." In The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record (Halsted Press, 1973), Ager relates the following on page 40: "Along the chalk downs in southern England there are a number of short, steepsided dry valleys traditionally blamed on the devil (for instance, Devil's Dyke near Brighton).

These have been gouged out of the hills, probably under periglacial conditions, and their debris spread on the lowlands below.

Although this could be due to a very short episode of high temperature, we are more inclined to assign it to a temporary non-linear behavior of the species in question.

Examples of such behavior are known and will be discussed below".