Dating Nyborg

She has even compared herself to her fictional counterpart in one magazine interview, insisting that she wouldn’t dream of missing a parents’ evening.

Price enters, a large blue-suited presence with Viking blond hair.

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The names of the actors playing these roles are still much less familiar than the faces.

But one name always jumps out first as the credits roll.

It sounds like one of those legendarily bad programme ideas pitched to the BBC by Alan Partridge. The third and final series of Borgen has only two more hours to run on BBC Four and it’s election time in Denmark. Let’s just say that the final two episodes do not disappoint.

And you can bet she would have negotiated a canny deal to hold back that tide. Nyborg’s last task is to take on the opposition having just recovered from a potentially fatal illness and leave us sated while also wanting more.

The Danish national broadcaster DR very rarely commissions three seasons of any drama (The Killing was the other one), and never four.