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Museums and theatres dominate the western part of Altstadt and service jobs are a major part of the economy, especially along Weißfrauenstraße and Berliner Straße.

This is above the ratio of the entire town, but far under that of the other town quarters.

The area is completely built-up with the only open spaces being accounted for by the Main and the river bank, the streets, squares and backyards.

Sections Agriculture Applied sciences Arts Belief Business Chronology Culture Education Environment Geography Health History Humanities Language Law Life Mathematics Nature People Politics Science Society Technology The Altstadt (old town) is a city district of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Altstadt is located on the northern Main river bank.

It is completely surrounded by the Innenstadt district, Frankfurt's present-day city centre.

On the opposite side of the Main is the district of Sachsenhausen.

As the historical center of Frankfurt, the Altstadt has existed from Frankfurt's beginnings, dating back to 794 (first mentioning of Frankfurt).