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I noticed that the chips are running 12.5mhz, but the CPU is just 10mhz.

Seems a little odd to me, but I guess it's possible to upgrade it to a 12.5mhz CPU.

But that probably requires some jumpers to be set differently I guess.

Seems like an odd number of DRAM slots to me - 4x9? To run the system at 10 MHz, you need a 20MHz oscillator.

The assembler might have saved a little by running the 286 faster than the printed speed.

I don't have any controllers attached, but then again, that shouldn't be required for bootup, right? The back side says "Made In Taiwan" and the number 8841 with an LCD-like font.

4x9 for RAM chips is a common setup for a 286 and usually means only 1MB on board (with 256 kbit chips) though a few took 1 Megabit chips for a total of 4 MB. If it has 9 SIMM slots that would be an unusual setup and I really want to see pictures. Seems like I can add the motherboard to the list, if I ever find out what it is.

I couldn't find anything that looks like it on that site.